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    Safety, noise reduction, and more efficient cab cooling, van partitions are an essential part of any good solution. Phenix partners offer multiple configurations and partition designs for all OEM vans.

    Ranger Design Logo
    Ranger Design Bulkhead

    Ranger safety partitions provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo. Built from heavy gauge steel and aluminum, they are designed for maximum impact resistance. Ranger partitions also provide a more comfortable environment for the driver by giving more seat travel and by not rattling as the vehicle drives down the road.

    Key Features

    1. Crash test proven and designed for maximum impact resistance
    2. Contoured to maintain seat travel and capitalize on cargo area floor space
    3. Thickness of material cancels vibrations and contributes to a quiet cab
    Weatherguard Bulkhead

    WeatherGuard Full-Size, High-Roof, and Compact van bulkheads allow you to separate the driver compartment from the cargo area for maximum protection. Their exlclusive polycarbonate windows improve visibility and safety, while a tight panel design ensures a more comfortable cabin.

    Key Features

    1. Heavy Gauge Steel for strength and durability
    2. Improved heating and cooling efficiency
    3. Vertical panel design reduces ambient noise levels
    Sortimo Logo International
    Sortimo Protexx Van Partition (Ram Promaster)

    Protexx Partitions divide your work van into two separate zones: the passenger area, which doubles as a mobile office, and the cargo area for storing parts and tools. In the event of an unplanned stop, Protexx Partitions offer an extra level of safety and security. Partitions are contoured to fit each van and conform to the B-pillar trim and headliner in the van and are constructed of 1/4” ABS thermoplastic, known for its impact resistance and toughness.

    Key Features

    1. Heat or cool just the passenger area rather than the entire van
    2. Reduces the amount of noise in the passenger area coming from items in the cargo area
    3. Allows for full seat travel and a reasonable amount of seat recline
    Masterack Logo
    Masterack Steel Van Partition

    Diamond perforations on streetside, center, and curbside panels. Center panel is fixed. Must be ordered with side attachment panels 027116KP (Ford E-Series) or 027250KP (GM Express/Savana).

    Key Features

    1. Material : Steel
    2. Item Weight : 67 pounds
    3. Product Dimensions : 30 x 18 x 4 inch

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