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    SNUGTOP industry-leading quality and trend-setting designs that complimented factory styling propelled the firm to the ranks of OEM suppliers; the first major long-term contract coming in 1979 to provide Subaru of America with tops for the unique “Brat” pickup.


    Snugtop Snuglid C

    SNUGTOP, the leading designer-manufacturer of tonneau covers and truck caps offers a complete line of its award-winning SnugLid tonneau covers. SNUGTOP SnugLids are perfection in form, function, fit and style. With its classic low profile and contoured design conforming to the sleek lines of your truck, the popular SnugLid line of aerodynamic tonneau covers actually improves gas mileage. The Original SnugLid sports a classic, low-profile design, high-strength construction and double-lock security.


    Snugtop SnuglidRL C

    SnugLid RL combines classic low profile SnugLid styling with an easy-to-use “thumb twist” centered locking system. SnugLid RL has the flat smooth finish you have come to expect from SnugTop. A thumb twist handle with rotary latches that allows you to open and close the lid all day long without using the key to lock the lid. Lift-assist prop arm brackets add smooth reliable opening.


    SnugLid F2 makes a statement with a racier touch thanks to its raised center section which blends into a rear spoiler.


    Snugtop SnuglidSL C

    The award-winning SnugLid SL tonneau cover. Perfect in form, function, fit and style. It says a lot about the owner who has a Snugtop. What does your truck say about you? With its classic low profile and contoured design conforming to the sleek lines of your truck, the popular SnugLid SL aerodynamic tonneau cover actually improves gas mileage.


    Snugtop XTR TC

    Snugtop has given owners a dramatic styling statement in the form of its new “XTR” Model fiberglass truck cap.
    The XTR provides you The Perfect Fit to all your outdoor needs. With stylish design and built-in 2″ diameter tubular roof rack you will be able to tackle anything that comes your way!


    Snugtop SportHiliner TC

    Along with extra headroom, the Sport Hi-Liner also features an all-glass tailgate.


    This dynamic new design from SNUGTOP combines a graceful contoured side window and extra-large rear window to provide a look that complements the factory styling. The frameless curved glass windows and a finished edge that blends into the truck bed, rear side windows pop out for ventilation. The Super Sport simply looks like it belongs on the truck.


    Snugtop Expo TC

    The crisp styling of Snugtop’s Expo Truck Cap series combines unique window and door treatments with a popular profile.  A “pop-out” side window is a popular addition to the EXPO’s exciting contemporary styling.

    – Available for the Ford Super Duty Only***


    Snugtop CabHI TC

    This is the Top that Started it all! For those who prefer a more traditional design, Snugtop’s classic Cab-Hi model are the answer. It is sleek, stylish and gets the job done!


    Snugtop XTRAVision TC

    Snugtop’s all new XV (Xtra Vision) Truck Cap features an enlarged rear door and oversized curved side windows with screens for optimal visibility.


    Snugtop Rebel TC

    Snugtop’s all-new sleek and stylish REBEL, is the economical top-of-the-line truck cap that provides maximum value. It features a large curved all-glass rear door for great style, functionality and visibility. The Rebel also boasts the popular center-mounted pop out lock and rotary latches.


    Snugtop HILiner TC

    Extra headroom is the Hi-Liner Truck Cap’s primary feature. The roofline slopes higher behind the cab to increase the available cargo area.


    Snugtop AeroSport TC

    The Aero Sport’s exclusive profile is a compliment to the latest truck designs and represents a subtle paradigm shift from the norm.


    Snugtop AvalancheXUV TC

    This exclusive product for the Avalanche is a uniquely styled “XUV” cap. It is a perfect complement to your Avalanche’s bold lines.  It transforms the truck into an “Xtra Utility Vehicle” by expanding the vehicle’s secure cargo carrying capacity, while also providing the ability to carry a multitude of items on the 2” roof rack.


    Snugtop Outback TC

    The Outback can carry up to 500lbs of recreational gear with the Sportsman Package added. This enables the owner to equip the Outback for a variety of recreational activities that include kayaking, sailboarding, canoeing, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, bicycling and camping.

    XTR GEN 2:

    Snugtop XTRGEN2 TC

    This aerodynamic cap features redesigned 2 inch diameter roof rack bars that can be equipped with multiple variations of accessories. Powder coated black to withstand extra wear and tear, these bars can be equipped with multiple variations of racks and accessories for all your hauling needs.

    *Please check with your local dealer to see if the Generation 2 XTR is compatible with your truck


    Snugtop Snuglid C

    SNUGTOP has designed a topper that has adapted to the various edges and abrupt contours of the modern day truck body. The GB Sport is shaped to compliment these modern styles with an advanced aerodynamic architecture. Sleek scallop windows and third brake light spoiler add to this state-of-the-art design.

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